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Mazar Sharif Hash


Earn 124 - 2667 points upon purchasing this product.

Crafted from only the best plants of the Mazar Sharif strain the premium hash is just what you need to add that concentrated boost to your daily regimen. Using ancient techniques and a unique strain, this hash combines the best of modern growing methods and centuries old methods of making hash. Smoking this product gives users a super strong high that is known to cause a soothing mellow feeling with deep relaxation and helps relieve muscle tension. Grab this amazing product today and add it to your collection to get the deep, concentrated relief that you can only get from this amazing product

Mazar Sharif Hash pricing is as follows:

  • 1 Gram for $13
  • 5 Grams for $60
  • 15 Grams for $165
  • 28 Grams for $280

effects: relaxed, happy, sleepy, euphoric

may relieve: pain, depression, stress, insomnia

Use up to 1950 - 42000 points to purchase this product!