Party Mix Gummies by Peagasus (420mg THC)

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These gummies are made with pure distillate BC cannabis oil. 10 pieces per package, 42mg THC each. Take 1 to help pain, stress, and anxiety melt away. Taste the bliss!

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Pegasus Cannabis Infused Edibles – Party Mix 420mg THC Gummies

These gummies are made with pure distillate BC Cannabis oil. Take it easy as these pack a punch. We recommend starting with one and waiting 1-2 hours for the effects to kick in. Relax and enjoy the journey. Do not mix with alcohol and other substances.

420mg THC – 10 gummies per package. 42mg THC each

Ingredients:  Sugar, Gelatin, Adipic Acid, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Phosphate, Natural & Artificial Flavour, Fumaric Acid, Pure Distillate Cannabis Oil, Natural Terpenes.

Lab tested & approved. Made in Vancouver, BC

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  1. BackwoodBake93

    Ordered these to give them a try as they were new and was excited about a 42 mg gummy; but was honestly not a fan.
    Couple issues:
    – Off-putting sweetener taste (can’t really compare it to something, just made me gag a bit and wasn’t pleasant).
    – Packaging on the website stated 420mg of THC but when I received the package, I noticed some things which make me question the legitimacy of this…
    – I’m gunna be fair and say maybe they ran out of inventory bags and are using these which is why they are re-labelled but I was a little puzzled/disappointed when I first opened it and noticed the 10mg per gummy and then the purple sticker overtop of that stating 30mg per gummy… (see pics).
    – Personally, I’m more a fan of King Louis Edibles or Faded from the GG selection options.

    — BackwoodBake

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    • Ganjagrams (store manager)

      Hi, thank you for your feedback. Sorry to hear that the taste wasn’t to your expectation. As for the sticker issue, this was due to our supplier not having up to date bags. They gave us their old bag with lower dosage and told us to put a sticker over it.

      King Louis has been a little tough to get our hands on but we do wish to see it return in the near future!

  2. Core

    Sticker correction on package was off putting but effects were good for price overall, would give these another go, Hopeful to new and correct dose packaging!

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