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XO Extracts – BHO Cartridges – Hybrid


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*Each Vape pen THC Oil cartridge is filled with 0.6 – 1 mL of THC oil.

Made By XO Extracts



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Hybrid  Cartridge by XO Extracts,

Pre-filled THC oil Vape Cartridges are a convenient and high tech way to get high. They deliver delicious terpene-rich flavours and don’t produce a strong odour like smoke—because it’s a vapor! The main types of pre-filled oil cartridges are 510-compatible cartridges or pods.

At XO Extracts, we created a team of people who have been in the marijuana industry for over 20 years. Having experience from every aspect of the field from selling to producing marijuana products, we have created the best team to produce the highest quality and most economic marijuana concentrates across Canada for patients to “inhale the medicine and exhale the pain.”

XO Extracts Shatter Vape Cartridges are made from premium AAA+ grade flowers.

Only nugs are processed to ensure the finest quality. Flowers are extracted using Across International closed-loop system fitted with de-waxing columns, and medical-grade butane as a solvent.

XO Extractions has proven to provide the best quality concentrates across Canada. Having lab-tested most of their products, the results have shown that most of their products have the highest THC of its category in Canada.

Enjoy high potency shatter in the convenience and discreetness in a vape pen.

All of our products are manufactured in British Columbia where the highest quality of marijuana comes from. XO Extractions has proven and bypassed competition, to provide the best and finest quality concentrates across Canada.

All products are lab tested.


Deadhead OG – 0.6ml, Deadhead OG – 1ml, Girl Scout Cookies – 0.6ml, Girl Scout Cookies – 1ml, Gorilla Glue #4 – 0.6ml, Gorilla Glue #4 – 1ml, Hawaiian Haze – 0.6ml, Hawaiian Haze – 1ml, Mango Haze – 0.6ml, Mango Haze – 1ml, Mataro Blue – 0.6ml, Mataro Blue – 1ml, OG Kush – 0.6ml, OG Kush – 1ml, Peanut Butter Breath – 0.6ml, Peanut Butter Breath – 1ml, Pineapple Express – 0.6ml, Pineapple Express – 1ml


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