Exhale Disposable Vape Pen by XO Extracts (Indica)

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*Each vape pen THC oil cartridge is filled with 0.6ml THC Oil.

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About XO Extracts:

All our products are manufactured in British Columbia where the most of the highest quality marijuana comes from. XO Extractions has proven and bypassed the competition, to provide the best and finest quality concentrates across Canada. XO Extractions is getting so popular and is one of the most sought-after products in the marijuana industry. With the growing popularity, and more stores offering this product, it gives customers more accessibility. We have lab tested our products, the results are clear, we provide the highest THC in its category across the nation.



3 reviews for Exhale Disposable Vape Pen by XO Extracts (Indica)

  1. SHMORE (verified owner)

    The Quality of the Product in this pen is second to none. Very happy with the high, taste and flavor. I have always made my own wax and used pens on the go. The idea of dissolving into a solution for more even vaping is excellent. I find I go though a lot of wax when loading strait wax into my pens. This way it seems to last longer.

    I had to give a 4 due to the blow issues for me:
    – Was not super intuitive on how to use at first. I looked for the button but soon discovered that all you need to do is haul on it and it starts right up with the blue light on the bottom and give a nice big dab
    – Does not look like a place to charge the battery so I hope it does not go dead before i get though all 150 dabs that it says it gives.
    – Would prefer to use a re-usable battery so i do not have to throw it out every time similar to other brands (environment sake)


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  2. SHMORE (verified owner)

    EDIT- Need to change my review to 3 starts as the battery on this ran out before i could Finnish what was in side. I ended up taking it apart and using the left over distillate inside and smoked it on my Nail. Witch got me wrecked however was very annoying, sticky but worth it. I would have much rather the battery was re-chargeable/interchangeable.


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  3. amberrrosemercy

    This is isn’t a review this is to help the person who reviewed this product & had problems; ive purchased several pens quite similar & most do re charge hun, the bottom part that lights up red when your inhaling comes off. You can usually either twist the bottom plastic part right off or you can pop it off. And the charger is just a regular small USB charger. Hope this helps you

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