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Cambodian Cubensis were originally found near the Khmer temples in Cambodia, later brought to the west for scientific analysis. They are premium quality, and are similar to our Brazilian cubensis. A good visual strain, they also seem to give an energetic feeling, great for an outdoor trip.

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Cambodian Cubensis

Are you looking for an active outdoor high? We have the right shroom for you!

Cambodian Cubensis is a premium shroom that can give you more than your ordinary psychedelic.

What is Cambodian Cubensis?

This is an excellent mushroom imported from South East Asia.

Cambodian Cubensis were first found near the Khmer temples in Cambodia. They were later brought to the west for scientific analysis for their psychoactive properties.

They are premium shrooms and are similar to the Brazilian cubensis.

It is a tremendous visual strain that produces an energetic feeling. It is an excellent hallucinogen for outdoor trips.

These are fast-growing species that many beginner planters start with.

Like most Cubensis strains, they bruise blue or greenish-blue.

Your brain on Cambodian Cubensis

The high on the shroom is longer lasting than most strains. With only 15g of Cambodian Cubensis, you can get it right for 6 – 7 hours.

It gives a motivational trip that triggers the need to do physical activities. It kicks as fast as most Eastern shrooms and is highly potent.

Cambodian Cubensis wakes you up in a beautiful way. If you like energetic journeys, these mushrooms are your ticket to an all-night trip and exploration.

It is typical of most Cubensis strains that are highly potent. Experienced users recommend using the shroom in a safe and secure environment with an assigned sitter to manage you.

When using the shroom for microdosing, it is recommended that you seek expert advice as it can be dangerous because of its high psilocybin content.

A brain reset

The psilocybin in Cambodian Cubensis affects your brain by rewiring its neurotransmitters. When you’re high on shrooms, your senses and perception get mixed around, giving you unusual feelings.

You start seeing inanimate objects move, objects start becoming sentient, and sounds become tangible.

Cambodian Cubensis gives your brain a needed workout and triggers dormant neurons and brain connections.

Your mind becomes highly active, and you feel spiritual awakenings that make you feel closer to the universe.

After a trip, your mind feels pleasant, and your brain is rebalanced. You will feel a great mental state for weeks.

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