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THC Content : 18-22%
Type : Indica 90%

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  • $55 $49.50 for 7 grams
  • $100 $90 for 14 grams
  • $180 $162 for 28 grams

taste: diesel, fruity, pine

may relieve: anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, migraines

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Zombie OG, also known as “Zombie Kush”, is a heavily indica dominant hybrid (90% indica/10% sativa) that is a potent cross of the insanely popular OG Kush X Blackberry strains. This dank bud is often mistaken for a pure indica strain due to its heavy effects and boasts a moderately high THC level that ranges from 18-21% on average. Users describe the Zombie OG high as one that has an almost immediate onset of a euphoric mind relieving heavy head high that leaves you social, happy, and extremely giggly. This is followed by a hard-hitting body stone that leaves you utterly sedated with deep introspection and sleepy dreaminess. Upon the eventual comedown, you’ll be eased into a deep and peaceful sleep that is completely pain-free. Due to these potent effects, Zombie OG is said to be an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, stress, mild to moderate cases of depression, and insomnia. Zombie OG has a surprisingly delicate earthy lavender pine aroma and a taste of sweet earthy floral pine. These buds have small compact dense spade-shaped bright neon green nugs with dark orange hairs and a fine layer of sugary white trichomes and sweet sticky resin.

Indica vs Sativa

With thousands of years of history and such a wide abundance of strains available, it is important to know the differences between indica, sativa and even hybrid strains to find out what is most suitable for your own personal needs. Simply put, indica strains and sativa strains differ in their physiological effects and their appearance. Hybrid strains are the result of cross-breeding both an indica strain and a sativa strain together to create a new strain in itself. Because each cannabis strain is so complex and different from one another, it is hard to classify the three phenotypes or variants by their effects alone.


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  1. tiffany_sullivan (verified owner)

    Very clean product the ash was 9.8 snowflake white. 20 out 20 for quality and the terpene smell and medical benefits. The terpene smell is very earthy with pine and hint of lemon . The quality is clustered with trichomes looks reminds me of Skywalker og just touch darker same airy smell. The medical benefits help with pain very relaxing perfect for sleep and for insomnia and nice calm to it not like the og kush which has more energy to it so zombie would be perfect for ADHD and add. This product should be 4 a for being above top grade quality product and how it has perfect cure with top notch medical benefits and high and smell always above top grade with gg. cheers

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  2. tiffany_sullivan (verified owner)

    Again five stars even though site wont allow to put five stars

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  3. tiffany_sullivan (verified owner)

    It also has a sweet almost fruity smell to it very strong hints to it with pine and lemon above top grade dankness. It should be four a star grade due to being above top premium product and again having a unique smell to it. cheers

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  4. tiffany_sullivan (verified owner)

    I didn’t explain properly the smell it smells like fresh earth like breaking the ground with a shovel and smelling fresh earth with strong tones of pine I haven’t smelt pure pine off a strain in ten years supreme product above top grade quality workmanship. Cheers

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  5. tiffany_sullivan (verified owner)

    The comments still wont allow me to rate 5 stars but this is a five star product should be 3 a plus or even 4 a strain with all the quality this product has to it.

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  6. LDCHAPS (verified owner)

    This bud was very good. It was tasting the dirt but in a good way ..And the smell was incredible but I was kinda disappointed about the time of the high ~45min to 1h max for me I recommend it to taste it

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  7. Scott Mclean (verified owner)

    Waiting on it, very excited! Everything from you guys has been amazing!

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  8. Dryden Stroud (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved it, went through it so fast and had to reccomend it to alot of my peers. Definitely a great buy as it doesnt cost a fortune and because it hits hard with a good, unique taste

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  9. Sherranb (verified owner)

    Was expecting a really hard hitting indica. Maybe my tolerance is up…. it’s a good night time, just not a massive hard hitter for sleep. Does a good job for anxiety and appetite increase though

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  10. Kara (verified owner)


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  11. Sherranb (verified owner)

    Not as hard hitting as I would have liked but great for pain and evenings. Has a pungent smell, burns good and the body high can last a few hours. All in all, worth purchasing for a nighttime strain.

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  12. Melalek (verified owner)

    It smells and tastes great. Smoked well and gets you very high! This strains gives me great focus when used in small amounts so I can get things done while being relaxed and not stressed out.

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