• Phoenix Tears by Zen Medical (600mg THC)


      Phoenix Tears are a concentrated and potent form of the cannabis plant. It’s known as cannabis oil, Rick Simpson oil, F.E.C.O (fully extracted cannabis oil), Jamaican hash oil, Run from the Cure oil, and most commonly as Phoenix Tears. Call it what you like, this is a seriously strong and sacred medicine that cures cancers, disorders, and prevents disease.

      • 1 ML per unit
      • 600 MG THC
    • CBD Phoenix Tears (250mg CBD) By Elite Elevation


      CBD phoenix tears are an excellent alternative for many conditions. These high CBD Phoenix Tears are the ideal medicine for pain, osteoarthritic issues, inflammation, sleep issues, epilepsy and opiate dependence.

      • Available in 1mL oral syringe
      • Contains: 250mg CBD

      Medical Usages: Effective relief from all forms of general inflammatory and neuropathic pain. Reduces stress and pain while promoting relaxation. Controlled dosing.

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